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sayl The League of Finnish American Societies maintains and promotes friendly relations between Finland and the United States to faciliate a broader understanding between these two countries. The League of Finnish-American Societies is one of the world’s largest USA friendship organization, with roughly 7 000 paying members in 41 local chapters throughout Finland and two in USA. The League also has an active Facebook group (Suomi-Amerikka Yhdistysten Liitto). The League was founded on the 1st of July 1943. Despite the fact that times were extraordinary due to the war in Europe, there was strong will in wide circles to maintain and strengthen relationships with the United States. The LFAS and it’s chapters arrange 200-250 America related events annually. The quarterly Suomi-USA magazine consists of interesting articles, travel stories and membership material is published by the LFAY and mailed to all members as well as a wide range of other stakeholders (schools, travel agencies, members of the parliament etc.). One of the most popular programs of the LFAS is the Work & Summer Program which takes Finnish students to work in Wisconsin for the summer months. The League acts as a national central organization for its members. As stated in its own charter, the League is stricktly non-political and does not strive to influence affairs of state. The Chair of the LFAS is Ms. Kristiina Helenius (as of July 2015).